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You can count on TCD Spas and Services to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below.

Drain and Clean

Is your spa smelling funny? Is your water looking a bit cloudy? Have you not been able to get out to do your weekly maintenance because you have been out of town or have not had the time to do the regular cleaning and now you just want to use your spa again? Then you will need this service. We start by draining all the water in your spa. Then we will clean the entire spa shell with a non-abrasive cleaner. We will clean the filter. Then we will refill your spa with filtered water. Turn on your system, Test Water, Balance Chemicals, and wait to see that the water is coming up to temp. Lastly we will clean your Spa cover and put a protectant on your cover to help it withstand our harsh weather. All this so you can climb in and enjoy your own personal oasis.

Cleaning Services

Maintaining a hot tub can be time consuming and tedious. If not done properly you will run the risk of bacterial growth and potential illnesses like Hot Tub Folliculitis and Legionnaires Disease.  Why not sit back and let our expert technicians worry about your hot tub needs, while you let your worries melt away in a clean Spa. Our cleaning program can be done weekly and bi-weekly.

Startup / Deep Clean 

Spa been sitting awhile? Just bought a used Spa? Have you had your Spa for a few years and have never done a line clean? Then this is the service you need! We will do everything in the Drain and Clean Service plus a line cleaning. This is the most effective method to remove Biofilm and prevent any illnesses from a tub that has not be used in a while or has been neglected.


Our expert technicians will come out to diagnose your Spa. If it leaks, no problem. Are the pumps not working, no worries. We will have you up and operational again before you know it.


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